Cozy Classroom Inspiration.

I firmly believe that you can get excited about anything so long as it is presented to you in such a way.  Reading is certainly one of those things that needs to be presented in an enticing way for students.  Particularly because technology is ever more distracting, it is hard to engage students with a book (at least this is what I have discovered in y practice thus far).  If you make it fun from the start before you even take the books out, I think they will be far more partial to it.  Reading is an entire experience, so as an educator it is our job to create the best possible experience for our students.

We can do this by establishing an inviting and cozy environment.  If students make that connection to reading, they’re less likely to see it as a chore.  I still remember in elementary school the library had a bathtub to sit in and read if you were on task.  EVERYONE wanted to sit in the bathtub and read.  It was good incentive, held us all accountable, and furthermore presented reading in a POSITIVE way [as a reward].  I consistently see teachers use reading/writing as a form of punishment and it is for that reason exactly that students lack the desire to pursue reading.

I figured I would incorporate some examples of exemplary set ups.



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